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•Adam Krass: Violin  •Bo Child: Mandolin  •Dennis O'Neal: Rhythm Guitar
•Mark Hill: Lead Guitar   •Kathy Ridl: Acoustic Bass  

Stringzville is a jazz quintet that performs jazz standards with a bit of Gypsy Jazz and Bossa Nova thrown in to spice things up. Individually, Stringzville's members have their roots in many musical genres, but all the members of Stringzville have one thing in common: they share a passion for acoustic string jazz music, which they define as jazz played on acoustic stringed instruments. Acoustic string jazz greats Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, and Henry "Homer" Haynes and Kenneth "Jethro" Burns -- not to mention the unsung bassists and rhythm guitarists who helped these jazz greats to really swing – are but a few who serve as Stringzville's musical inspiration.

The music of Stringzville has 'set the mood' for many special occasions, from small parties and cocktail receptions to wine tastings, gallery openings, and coffee houses. Email us today to request a demo CD or to book us for your next event.