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John Carlini, New Jersey’s own talented and multi-faceted guitarist extraordinaire, and one of our favorite players, replaced Jerry Garcia in the Great American Music Band which then evolved into the David Grisman quintet. He has recorded with artists such as Tony Rice, Bill Robinson, and many more. Somehow Dennis and Bo roped John into music lessons…what was he thinking! Check out John’s site and his music.


Dr. Charles Frantz is one of our favorite teachers of jazz guitar and
piano in this area. Charlie teaches all ages and levels. He even
teaches old guys like Dennis.

Great site for learning about all the musical genres that have evolved
in Brazil. Want to learn more about Bossa Nova? Check out the
"Movements, Styles & Genres" search feature on the left side of the
home page.

A U.K. web site dedicated to all things related to legendary gypsy
jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Lots of links here to other gypsy
jazz sites!

Pianist Jim Ridl – one of our all-time favorite jazz keyboard cats.
Why does his last name sound so familiar? ;-)

Never thought you'd hear jazz played on the mandolin? Well, if you're
a mandolinist interested in such a thing, check out this cool jazz
mandolin web site (not to be confused with the band called The Jazz
Mandolin Project)

A good resource for any guitarist interested in – or already playing –
jazz guitar. Stringzville guitarists Mark & Dennis visit this site
all the time.

Very informative web site for folks interested in the double bass.
Kathy rates it as one of the best she's seen yet. It's chock full of
information and useful links.

If you've been lucky enough to catch a Stringzville performance when
fiddler Adam Krass is with us, you've seen and heard how much a fiddle can swing! Fiddlers and other string players interested in jazz will find Mark Chung's JazzStrings web site to be a great resource.


Bill has performed publicly for long and many's the day, both in the states and in Ireland.
Linger a while, for the truth comes out when the spirit goes in. (a fond member of our extended family!)

The web site of Stringzville's eminent bassist whose "day job" is
designing CD covers. Not only is she damn good at it, she has close to 200 covers to her credit. We're so proud of her!
(to which Kathy says: "Aw shucks, boyz...")